Our Future Home



Our Story

“I have come that they may have life” (John 10:10). This was and is the mission of Jesus. He came to bring the fullness of life to all people and the Church is the catalyst of this mission.

What made Christianity so irresistible in the 1st century is that the Church was serving everyone and anyone. St. John Chrysostom, who was a 4th century bishop, described the Church as a "hospital.”

Here and now, in the 21st century, the Church remains a hospital, where all people are invited in to hear about Jesus and seek life from Him.


Our Mission

We exist to connect people to the fullness of life found in Jesus Christ following the ancient faith of the Orthodox Church.

At St. Mark American Coptic Orthodox Church, our doors are open to anyone who is curious about Jesus and ancient Christianity. St. Mark Church is rooted in Orthodox theology and our passion is to share the depth and beauty of our ancient faith with Atlantans of all backgrounds.

We are proud to have baptized several adults who walked into our Hospital having never been exposed to Orthodoxy in their childhood and we know this is just the beginning for our city.

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Our Growth & Impact

We have been holding our Sunday services in a Chamblee Hotel conference room since September 2018. By the Grace of God, in just one year our beloved church has grown from a dozen people to approximately 160 attendees from diverse backgrounds.

The growth in people led to growth in our services locally and globally. We have been searching for a
permanent home where we can serve our existing members and those He
leads to us. We have now, by the grace of God, located a building that is large enough for our anticipated growth.

It stands to be a home, a hospital, a church with sufficient space to carry on the mission of our ancient faith founded in Jesus Christ. We could hold services throughout the week without the physical and scheduling restraints of our current location. We will also be able to set up a dynamic Sunday School program for each grade level. As a significant plus, the building sits on the side of a major interstate in the city, visible to approximately 263,000 Atlanta commuters daily.


God opens a door 

While our mission at St. Mark Church is not dependent on a church building, our ability to accomplish that mission will be greatly enhanced by having one. We know from God that this building has immense potential to make an impact to our city and beyond through the service of St. Mark Church.